Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Vacation Edition.

I am out of pocket until Sunday while vacation in California, but here's a little Wordless Wednesday to feed your need for Ava. What's that? Only I need to see her pretty little face every day? Oh. Just the same, here's some recent cutie pie shots:
Blueberries, yum!

Three gorgeous girls!

Ava loves Foofa!

"But mom, I want to play Zingo too!"


  1. Cute cute pictures! Hope everything went well on Ava's first plane ride!! Have fun :)

  2. Cute! Hope the flight went well and you are enjoying your vacation!

  3. Ava has the sweetest little face. How do you feel about an arranged marriage between A&B? The names alone...adorable! ;)

    Hope you guys are having a blast on your vacation!

  4. Aww she is so adorable!

    Elmer the elephant ... had to look him up quick lol. And I know I'm a bit late with my response! I think you could get away with anything brightly colored. How about Elmer Elephant trail mixes with colorful candies such as M&Ms or even circus peanuts lol, elephant shape jello jigglers/brownies/sandwiches. If you don't have an elephant cookie cutter, you could search online for elephant cartoon characters and just build from that (see my recent piggy post, thats what i did with that sandwich). Sorry, not had much experience with themed parties! I do hope it goes well though! Take pics!

  5. Omg, I *love* the flower headband!! With a fashion sense like that, I can totally see why Baby Butterbean is friends with A!


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