Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work or Play?

Tonight, seeing as how I'm now concerned about finances with me being part time, marks my first night of babysitting since little A graced us with her presence. While I'll freely admit that I was dreading having to revert back to babysitting nights and weekends, I must say that I'm finding this experience to be as rejuvenating as a spa day!

One of the two little ones is with her daddy for the weekend, so it's just me and the littlest one, a beautiful dark haired little cherub of a fifteen month old. Miracle of miracles she is already in bed, so I'm sitting in peace and quiet, reading, writing and playing with their iPad (hence the typos as I learn to work the keyboard). One could safely say this is one of the more relaxing money making experiences ever. Ahhh.

Perhaps this whole part time endeavor is not the end of the world?

After yesterday, I need a bit of a break as well. While in theory the day should have been fantastic, with me meeting up with a friend and her little one at the Alamo Drafthouse for Eat, Pray, Love and lunch, A was In rare form and drove me absolutely nuts the entire time. I'm talking a biting my shoulder, throwing herself backwards, head-butting little handful. I may have cried in frustration at one point - it was that bad. On top of that, Ava is crawling full speed ahead, and we need a quality baby gate like whoa, so I thankfully picked one up while we were out, one that we promptly returned today because it wouldn't fit with our crown moldings. Oh, life. Despite yesterday being my first day as a part-time SAHM, I ended up being out and about for over 7.5 hours. Yeesh!

Today was nice though, with D's parents coming into town for lunch at The Salt Lick and s quick bit of shopping at Hobby Lobby & Target. and now my "spa day"!

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend so far!!

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