Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, The Cuteness!

Oh. My. Gosh.
These are my top three contenders:

The *only* reason I haven't flat out ordered the flower one is that I don't know if she'll keep the headpiece on, which makes the entire outfit. That, and it's $50. That's SO much for a one-time use Halloween costume.

These two crack me up:

If I had a little boy, I'd have already placed the order for this. Too cute!

And isn't this just cruel???


  1. Oh my god. The flower is absolutely my first choice! (although cost is definitely a factor). The cow is kind of an ironic statement considering all the dairy issues. lol. I love the teddy bear. The lobster and hippo definitely cracked me up. Choices, choices... so many choices! Good luck!

  2. aaaaand, i just died from the cuteness! seriously, how are you going go decide? ok, now i have to get on the ball and pick something for baby butterbean!

  3. I adore the cow costume... that's too cute!

  4. Okay, where in the heck did you find these!? SO cute...I was looking on Ebay and Amazon...their prices are very reasonable...but I just can't find the perfect bunting costume for my little one...I'm leaning towards a flower or ladybug.

  5. Oh My Gosh!!! The Flower is THE BEST!!! I LOVE it! You could dress in gardening gear :) So cute! My ODS wore a giraffe for his first halloween and he left the hood alone. Maybe she wont mind it. I haven't decided what to get for Ethan yet...but that bear is adorable! I think we might get a monkey though. Oh and even though that snail is huge...I still think it's stinkin' cute! hehee!

  6. I spent HOURS last night looking at Halloween costumes. I love the flower and am considering it for P. Carters has a cute ladybug that I'm considering, as well.

  7. I haven't checked out costumes yet, but I am going to soon... ADORABLE. My favorite has to be the bear.... but I was thinking maybe a monkey since that's what I tend to call B. We'll have to see. What site are these from?

  8. I LOVE that lobster one. We may need to have 2 costumes here. :o)

    If I had a girl, it'd be the flower for sure. So cute!

  9. The flower. The flower. OMG. The flower!

    That last one is KILLLING me. I actually almost ordered it last year just because it was SO ridiculous. The Cute ended up being a caterpillar. The green one from amazon. It was pure silly.


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