Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Guest Post!

Hey unexpectedly readers!! ::waves hi:: I'm so excited that B asked me to guest post today! I'm Lil Miss Butterbean, and you can normally find me over here. This is my daughter, Baby Butterbean:

She's about two weeks younger than little A, and she's a stinker. I swear she has the biggest personality I've ever seen in a baby. Anyway, when B asked me to write a post for her, I was stumped as to what to write about. I tossed around a few ideas, and then finally settled on two topics. Then, after talking to B, I *still* couldn't decide, so, you guys are getting both! This is the top five grossest things about babies, and the things you need to handle those gross things! So, without further ado, let's kick this off, shall we?

Number 5: Feeding Time
Baby Butterbean has been eating solids for awhile now and it's not the eating part that's gross, it's what she does after I get the food into her mouth. She blows rasberries. Do you know what that means? She basically spits whatever is in her mouth, all over her high chair, my shirt, and, most of the time, my face. So be sure and stock up on bibs, antibacterial wipes, paper towels and stain remover.

Number 4: Boogers
I'm starting to think that my kid is the slimiest baby on the face of the earth, because frankly, girlfriend's got some serious boogie issues. And boogers are hella gross in my book! How do I combat Baby Butterbean's green monsters? Boogie wipes (just like the ones B just reviewed!) and a nasal syringe. We own 5 of them!

Number 3: Peepee
Not to brag, but I am one lucky mom. Baby Butterbean has slept completely through the night since she was two months old. I know!! But, there is a downside to that. She leaks through her diaper every night. Know what that means? Not only diaper rash but wet sheets every morning. So be sure to keep *plenty* of fitted sheets for the crib on hand, otherwise you'll be doing a lot of laundry!

Number 2: Vomit
Baby Butterbean has severe reflux, which means she and I smell like vomit pretty much all the time. My solution? Tons of burp rags, bibs, a few outfits for her, a few outfits for me (I'm not even joking, I carry two pairs of jeans and two shirts in my car!) and *plenty* of perfume. Cause no one likes the stinky family!

And, finally, number 1: Poop
Poop and I are not friends. In fact, it is my one and only enemy. We've had more than one run in. There was the time that Baby Butterbean pooped on me in the bath. And then that one time that I was changing her and she had a blowout right after I moved the diaper out from under her. That's the time that I got poo in my eye. Yes folks, my eye. So what's a girl to do? I put a clean diaper under her before I move the dirty one out of the way, that way, once she's all clean, she's got a new diaper there to catch anything. Also, I *always* use a changing pad, even when we're at home, because we've gotten poo on the couch before. My couch that I bought right before having Baby Butterbean. That's another thing, don't buy a new couch right before giving birth.

Hopeully these tips help any new moms or moms to be. Do y'all have any tips that I missed?


  1. I'm guessing when I get a fish, I'll have less poop to deal with?

  2. Ah, yes, the "diaper switcheroo." I've finally mastered that one! Though my squirmy daughter makes it harder because she contantly wants to turn on to her belly when I"m changing her!

    We haven't had a lot of boogers, but I've learned that it doesn't gross me out to pick my daughter's nose. Not sure why that is ... anyone else's nose, and I'd be thoroughly grossed out. :)

    I wonder why Baby Butterbean's diapers are leaking. Have you tried a different brand? My daughter leaked a lot with Huggies, but we haven't had that problem since we switched to the Pampers.

    Great post!

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