Friday, November 20, 2009

Childbirth Education Class - The Final Installation.

First off, HOORAY! It's over. Even better? I heard through the grapevine that my insurance will refund your class fee if you complete the series of three classes, so I'm waiting for a $50 refund. Sweet! Although I'm not sure if anyone else has ever tried to get money BACK from an insurance company, but I don't see it being as easy as they made it sound. Maybe I'm just a cynic, though...

Class last night was informative. We covered c-sections, had a pediatrician stop by to answer questions and talked about newborn care and what to bring to the hospital.

First things first: C-sections. While I've known from the start that this would be an emergency-only option for me, since I've seen some moms go through rough recoveries and would never elect to have the procedure, this was more than confirmed last night. Not that a vaginal birth sounds like a walk in the park or anything. I mean, seriously? These are my only two options? How depressing... Anyhow, we watched a video about c-sections, which included up-close and personal shots of the procedure. Now I firmly believe that knowledge is power. But there is a difference between being comforted and taking heart in knowing what will happen to me in the case that I require a c-section, and having vomit-inducing visuals of the procedure. I just think some things are better knowing, but not being able to picture, don't you? Anyhow, D was a trooper and told me when not to look (the majority of the video), and then when the baby was out and we could coo over how cute (not that cute, actually) he looked. We both agreed ours would be significantly cuter (duh). Anyhow, that was that. I'm still staunchly against having a c-section unless necessary. Somehow, though, I see it as being a real possibility due to my tiny pelvis. Eh, I'm sure if midway through labor they told me they were going to have to pull her out my nostrils I would agree, so really, in the end all that matters is that our daughter arrives healthy and safe!

What's next? Oh yes, the pediatrician. Eh, I tuned him out seeing as how people were asking dumb questions (ie. if the baby pees on his circumcision incision, should we call the doctor? No, idiot, pee is sterile. How did you suppose that doctors had controlled for the fact that as far back as circumcision goes, of course babies are going to pee on the incision. I mean, seriously.) and we've already chosen ours. Next.

As far as what to bring to the hospital, the instructor spent far more time emphasizing that we should bring as little as possible than she did compiling an actual list, so I don't have many new ideas. I do know, however, that our hospital supplies everything from panties to diapers (as it damn well should for what it costs to have a baby!), so I think we're pretty set with what we have packed so far (More on that in a later post once it's finished). I'm pretty certain that the bulk of our baggage will be for D, since he's quite particular about never being cold in the slightest and will be lugging along his own blankets and pillows, and I'll be damned if I give birth in a sweltering room. Or even one above 65 degrees. I'm talking meat locker-ish temps for me! We'll warm it up once Baby B is here (and I'm not working up a sweat burning upwards of 1,000 calories an hour!)

Speaking of Baby B, she has a name! I won't be announcing it until she's born, but I'm 99% sure she has a name now :) I'm very excited. I've been using it every once in a while when talking to her to try it on for size, and it fits her perfectly! Check.

Oh yes, on a slightly gross note, I think I may have lost my mucus plug yesterday? I'm not particularly sure (as one never really is the first time, I hear), but I'm about 80% sure. Gross, I know, but a sign that even if it's still weeks away, Baby B knows I'm in a hurry to meet her. I'll take it :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend! Just 38 days until Baby B is set to come into the world (please be sooner, please be sooner!) This weekend is our last football game, and a doozy given that Colt is poised to set the record for the winningest (isn't that word ridiculous?!) quarterback in college football history, we're set to stay undefeated, and we'll all but clench our spot in the National Championship game! HECK YEAH! Not to mention that D's dad (who I really, really like) is coming into town and it's his first game, and it's the seniors last home game. Holy macaroni! Sunday is another big day, with our annual Thanksgiving potluck and fundraiser downtown that I'm hosting for the third year in a row, and usually has upwards of 300 people in attendance. It benefits the Capital Area Food Bank and Safeplace, our local battered women's shelter, so if you live in the area, please come on out! Email me or leave a comment for further info :) The more, the merrier!

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