Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Godfather.

Before I forget, I did something monumental yesterday. I had lunch with my dear friend B, and popped the question. That's right - I asked him if he would be Baby B's godfather :)

While I was nervous going into the lunch, wondering what I should say and how I should ask, it all went very smoothly, and luckily for me, D and Baby B, he said that he would be honored :)

I am very blessed in that I have a lot of really amazing people in my life, so this decision wasn't one that was taken lightly. I chose the person I chose because of his character, his significance in my life now and in other monumental times, and because of something he said when I was struggling with the news of my pregnancy in the beginning (this was definitely one of the bigger items), not to mention he met all of my previously laid out criteria (local, etc). While my goal here is not to embarrass him, it could also be noted that last week he single-handedly rescued a neighbor's drowning child and revived him. While the child is still in the hospital and unconscious, CAT scans look good, and the doctor's are hopeful that he'll make a "miraculous recovery". While I know that it seems silly to put so much weight on something that didn't affect my own child, as a mother, that story affects me. I can only hope and pray that nothing like that ever happens to Baby B, and that if, God forbid, we find ourselves in a situation like that, someone like my friend B is around to help. And since he'll be her godfather, chances are that he will be :)

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