Monday, November 9, 2009

My Near Trip to L&D.

*I should preface this by saying that all is well, and I didn't end up having to go in, but I really kicked the idea around for a couple hours this past Saturday.*

Saturday started off eventful enough, with the Texas vs. UCF game (We won 35-3, in case you're wondering! Hook 'em!). It was an early game with kickoff at 11:00am, so I didn't get a chance to eat or drink much prior to game time, which may very well have been to blame for what happened later, but I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Anyhow, we stayed until the fourth quarter before hunger overcame us both, and so off to Pluckers we went, armed with the five free wing coupons they give out whenever Texas wins at home (Basically, all the freakin' time. We have stores of these things!). During the walk back to the car I started to feel some Braxton-Hicks, coupled with some pretty uncomfortable back pain, but I ignored it initially since a.) I was walking a mile uphill to our car from the football stadium, and b.) I had been sitting on stadium bleachers for three hours. Of course my back hurt, right?

The B/H continued during our drive over to Pluckers and throughout the entire meal, almost to the point where I was too uncomfortable to eat since the squeezing feeling was making my stomach a bit nauseous. At this point I was starting to wonder if I needed to be timing them to see if they might be indicative of something more serious than B/H, but either way I wanted to finish eating (A girl has her priorities, ok?! Plus, if I was in labor, I was going to need my strength!) before making any decisions, and so we finished up and then headed home, glancing at the clock along the way. When I got home it seemed as though they were between 15-25 minutes apart, with no more discernable pattern than that, so I decided to take a warm bath and drink a couple bottles of water, to ease my discomfort while I waited to see if the contractions would subside once I was better hydrated. No such luck. I didn't want to call or go in for no reason, though, and I felt certain I was not in actual labor, so I decided that I would give it a couple more hours and lay around on the couch with my feet up while I drank yet more water. If that didn't help, I was going to go in, but I definitely wanted to avoid being the woman who cried labor if I could help it!

Long story short, the contractions got closer together until they were about 12 minutes apart and lasting 60 seconds, but the pain in my back and pressure I was feeling went away completely, and once I was rested, the contractions followed suit and went away completely, so we ended up just having a restful evening at home instead of a stressful evening at L&D, which I'm glad for. Plus, for any of you ladies that have gone into L&D to be checked at any point, is it billed like a normal ER visit? Because I'm pretty much at my quota for what I'm willing to shell out at the ER :/ Anyhow, all is well, and I haven't had anymore issues with contractions. She's moving about like usual, kicking me in places I can't imagine babies are supposed to be able to have access to, and just generally squirming about! I was definitely starting to get a bit more nervous though on Saturday night about what's in store for me in seven short weeks (or less, by the looks of things!).


  1. Glad all is well now! Keep on taking it as easy as possible - not that you can store up rest for use after the birth! BUT, you can totally go into labor already exhausted, and feel 10 times worse than you should have to (yes, I did that with my 3rd)!

  2. I worry about that sometimes, when I'm coming off a long day of back-to-back work then babysitting...hopefully I'll go into labor in the morning after 12 hours of leisurely sleep....(ha! yeah right, but a girl can hope!)


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