Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Past 72 Hours...

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been WAY busy around our household!

First off, Thanksgiving went down without a hitch, and I can say that I am dang proud of the feast I had laid out for my 'in-laws'. I made mashed potatoes and gravy both from scratch and since D's dad normally makes the feast for their family and uses instant for both, he was raving about both...I'm pretty proud :) The only downside to Thanksgiving was that I spent a good two or three hours that night sick as a dog. I know it wasn't food poisoning since a.) no one else was sick, and b.) I'm a culinary whiz and don't have a tendency to food-poison, so it was either just Baby B didn't like something I ate and decided to send it back, which I frequently feel nausea from, OR...her extremely violent movements that night were enough to make me sick. I'm almost positive that it's the latter, since she was moving with such force that you could see it across the room in the mirror. D's mother mentioned the next day that "It looks like the baby moved!", so that more or less confirmed my suspicions and with a little luck and a lot of prayer, maybe Baby B has finally moved into position and won't need my doc to try to turn her at my appointment Wednesday (please God!). Otherwise, though, Thanksgiving was awesome :)

Friday was equally awesome with all our Black Friday shopping, but got off to a rocky start since I had only gotten a few hours of sleep thanks to the aforementioned night of being up sick. I think I had managed to finally fall asleep on the futon sitting straight up (though slightly slouched over a trash can) around 3AM, so our 7AM date to meet up with D's family came very, very prematurely! Anyhow, there were only a couple things I really, really wanted (a robe from target, The Proposal DVD and Breaking Dawn), and D is a Black Friday badass and found them all for me immediately, and usually while gloating how he got the last copy. Sweeeeeeeeeet! I also got some pyrex dishes for $2 a piece, which is a great deal, seeing as how I am now an approved holiday-hoster! I started to crash mid-day, after a massive meal of Stuffed Avocados at Trudy's, but managed to pick myself back up in time to get our littlest kitty to the vet for yet another UTI. ARGHHHHHHHHHH! I have to take her back Tuesday (though just to drop off and pick up later), so I'll spare you the diatribe about my frustrations with her vet (though know that they run pretty deep at this point). I just want my poor little kitty to be better. PERMANENTLY. That's the part they seem to keep screwing up. Friday night was amazing, since we had managed to pick up both Sorry and Scattergories during our Black Friday shopping, so we had a little mini game night just the two of us. (I am super competitive by nature, and I trace this competitive spirit's origins back to Sorry. Nothing gives me greater joy than saying, "Oops, SORRY!" and then laughing my head off when I kick your ass. At a children's game. Oh, poor Baby B!)

Yesterday was amazing in a different way, seeing as how I was exhausted from the previous two days of nonstop moving and shaking and basically laid on the couch almost all day long. I played stupid internet games, watched Gossip Girl season 1 episodes, watched some Arrested Development and ate myself silly (I'm dreading my weigh-in on Weds!). Hoping for a bit more of the same today!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!

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