Thursday, November 5, 2009


Excuse me, but what? It's only Thursday? Geeeeeeeeeeeeez. Today has felt like a Friday for many reasons, not the least of which being the strange happenings that have surrounded me since the wee hours of the morning. Like what, you ask? Let me fill you in.

First and foremost, something odd is going on with my arm. And I don't mean odd in an okay type of way, but in a, "Seriously? WTF!" kind of way. This morning, around 6:15AM, I woke absolutely certain that something was wrong. Noting first that I was not in labor, nor did it feel like my water had broken or anything baby-related, I started to investigate. It took me only a matter of seconds to figure out the problem: My left wrist/arm was covered in bright red blood, and I mean it was everywhere. The amount of blood you would expect to accompany, oh say a severed appendage, which I gratefully noted that I didn't have. In fact, it seemed as though I didn't have any wound, or pain, whatsoever. I quickly glanced over at D and our cat, both sleeping peacefully without having the decency to be as horrified as I was, just to make sure that one of them wasn't silently bleeding to death in our bed and it had somehow ended up on me. Thankfully, they were both fine. When I turned my attention back on my arm, I noticed that it definitely seemed to be coming from my left wrist, since it was visually multiplying in quantity as I sat there. Not knowing what else to do, and being jolted awake by unexplained bleeding, I ran for the shower, hoping to rinse it off and figure out what the hell was going on. Not even waiting for the water to warm up, I hopped in and shoved my arm under the shower head, expecting an immediate answer. That is not, however, what I got. I ended up instead with a wound that wasn't too fond of water pressure, and though I would've have thought it humanly possible, my cut/scratch/invisible gunshot wound???? started gushing even MORE blood. To add insult to injury (pun intended), I currently have a sense of smell even a drug dog would be envious of, and between that and the increasingly large amount of blood near me, the combination instantly made me sick. Great. Two bodily fluids I could've done without, all before 6:30AM. At this point I wasn't getting any cleaner, so I rinsed off as quickly as possible, shut the shower off, and did what any reasonable woman in my situation would've done. I started screaming at the top of my lungs for D. Duh. (I should add that I at least had the decency to preface my screaming by, "I'm not in labor, but.." I think he appreciated it, really.) Many, many washrags and bandages later, my bathroom looking like a bad CSI episode, my arm was finally bandaged with enough specialized gauze to get the bleeding under control. While I still am puzzled about the culprit, it seems as though the bleeding may have been coming from a teeny tiny red dot on my arm. I've been getting a few here and there during the course of my pregnancy (I read in some obscure chapter of some obscure book that they're normal and due to an increase in blood volume), but have always assumed they were just lying latently under the surface of my skin. Apparently, not the case. So that was how my day started.

Now, of course, after typing all of that and reliving this morning, I can't remember what else was freaky about today. Oh well - isn't that enough, anyhow?

In other news, tonight is our first of three Childbirth Education classes. I'm dreading them (though not as much as D), but I firmly believe knowledge is power, so I'll go anyhow. If nothing else, should make for some interesting blog material :P


  1. That is really, really weird. I'm glad you're ok! I am pretty impressed you didn't wake up D right away -- I totally would have started shrieking in bed when I saw all of the blood.

    Have fun at class -- mine weren't too bad and definitely made for good blogging material! :o)

  2. Wow... you certainly have better control than me. Like Emily, I would've freaked as soon as I saw the blood, which would've freaked out my fiance. lol. Hope your class went well. I'm going to Bradley Method classes and will endure #7 this Sunday. I still have 5 more to go. We get to watch gruesome videos every week. Eek.

  3. Well, if the bleeding stuff continues, call your doc. Skin lesions are lesions that bleed profusely are NOT.

    *hugs* Good luck in the childbirth class hun...they are very educational. (Mostly for the guy...the girl figures most of it out by month 7.)


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