Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nursing Bras, Baby Jackets & Other Such Musings...

First things first. As of today, I am now the proud owner of my very first nursing bra. It's a sleep nursing bra, since I have no idea how big these bad boys are gonna get, but I do know that my rib cage and diameter haven't changed since getting pregnant, so I got the go-ahead from the nice associate at the store to buy a sleep nursing bra in my number size that should at least hold me over until I have a better idea what cup size I'll need post-baby. (IMPORTANT NOTE: I bought mine at Babies 'R Us, with the help of a Motherhood Maternity stock girl. She informed me that at Babies 'R Us or Macy's, where they sell Motherhood bras, you CAN exchange/return them if you find you have the wrong size. At the Motherhood store, however, bras are final sale. I thought this was well worth noting! I knew that place was the devil.) I also picked up some nursing pads today, seems I may need them prior to her being born. Which I suppose is a good sign, but way to catch me off guard!

Second, and I'm going to be one of those people that feel the need to preface what I'm about to ask by saying, "This may be a stupid question", but how warm of a jacket does a newborn need? It seems to go with my own personal knowledge of the world that she'll need a jacket in the winter, but keep in mind a few things. First and foremost, it's November 4th, and nearly 80 degrees here, so our version of winter doesn't involve temperatures that spend much time below freezing, and it surely doesn't involve this pesky little thing I've heard so much about called...snow? That sounds about right. Anyhow, that's the first thing to consider. Also, Baby B will be dressed in layers, sometimes bundled in a blankie, sometimes swaddled, and has hats, mittens, boots (accessories are my thing!) galore, and we'll spend most of our time outside of the house in either a.) the car, or b.) Nordstrom, so I worry about overheating. That being said, I found an adorable jacket online (see here) that I'd love to buy, but I just don't know if it'll be used. The complete lack of newborn and <12 mos. jackets out there makes me wonder if this isn't something they need? Maybe I'm just oblivious...wouldn't be the first time :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!


  1. I'm in the middle of trying to find nursing bras now too. I can't believe how few places carry them. (I also agree that Motherhood Maternity is the devil!) What kind did you end up with? I'm going out on Saturday to try and find something that will get me through the "transition time."

    Thanks for your sweet note on my blog! Everything seems like a big deal right now -- I need to calm down and keep some perspective. :o)

  2. I ended up going with a sleep bra - one of the ones that looks like a sports bra and doesn't have a cup size, just a number size. The woman that was helping me said to go with your pre-baby number size, since your rib cage will shrink once you've delivered, but I think I may get a second one that's one size up since I can't imagine it will shrink immediately, and when I got home and tried it on I felt like it was tighter than I expected...just a suggestion!

    Anytime :) I've been bummed about all the Christmas baby comments also, but try to counter it with the thought of photographing my wee one in a stocking :)

  3. Welcome to the real world of motherhood girl!


  4. Jackets arent necessary until they hit about 9 mos, think trick or treating at halloween. But sweaters are great for spring and summer especially for evenings over those adorable summer dresses she will wear. love mom

  5. Marianne is 4 months, it DOES hit below freezing here, and she doesn't have a coat, per se. They do make em, but honestly they grow so fast it's better to go with layers and long sleeves...Marianne's typical day outfit is a long sleeve onesie, a pair of teensy pants (I can't GET OVER THE TEENSY!), some heavy socks and baby shoes (to keep the socks ON) and being wrapped in a blankie once she's in her car seat.

    If it's really cold, I'll do that setup plus a sweater or baby sweatshirt and a hat.

    However, keep in mind we DO have snow here. It being 80 degrees? Unless it gets under 60 I don't recommend a coat or even a heavy shirt. As a newborn little baby B will wind up spending a lot of time swaddled anyway, with a newborn hat for the first month or so.


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