Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This morning, when I stopped for the weekly skinny hazelnut half-caff latte I allow myself at Starbucks, I was acosted by the man standing next to me at the register.

Man: "That baby is going to come out wide awake and with ADD," he informed me.

Me: "Really? I usually don't stop here, but I ran out of adderall this morning," I replied.

The look on his face was totally worthwhile :)

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! Belly pics, nursery pics and updates to come this afternoon or evening!


  1. That is hilarious! Some people just can't tell when their advice is:

    1) not appreciated
    2) incorrect
    3) really obnoxious

    Good for you for zinging him! :o)

  2. Awesome! That's freakin' awesome! I love it! You know, all that smack people talk about things that adversely affect the baby is SO wrong! I went completely caffeine- and almost-sugar-free with my first two pregnancies, but survived almost exclusively on it during my third; but my youngest isn't any more active than my first two! She's not any more easily distracted than they are, and her attention span is much longer than usual for a kid her age!

    Not that I have ever tried it personally, but I also know plenty of kids whose moms smoked cigarettes while they were pregnant, and the kids are perfectly fine. Maybe I just happen to know only that slim percentage of kids who are fine, or maybe the human body is more amazing than we think, and can protect the baby within so much better than modern medicine can ever understand...!


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