Monday, January 25, 2010

4 Weeks = Big Day!

Lots of big events today! First things first, I am officially going back to work today. In fact, one hour and counting until I have to pick up S from preschool. I'm actually quite excited to see the girls and show off Ava!

Next up? Ava's 1-month appointment. Before I get into the details, allow me a little ventfest. I was kept waiting for over an HOUR for a 10-minute appointment where I felt my doctor was not only inattentive, but slightly condescending. WTF. Ok, done venting. Anyhow, Ava weighs in at a pound above her birthweight - 8lbs, 12oz! Yay! Way to grow, Ava! I also brought up my reflux concerns, and the nurse gave me a questionnaire about reflux where you answer questions and your responses are assigned values - up to 25 total. Anything under 7 is unlikely to be reflux. Ava scored a 7, which made me question my assumptions, though Dr K, seeming to want to make a quick exit, threw a prescription for prilosec at us without batting an eyelash. I am not one to want to just pump my kiddo full of medicine unless absolutely necessary, so I'm feeling a bit unsure about the prilosec. I think ill give it a trial run and see if a.) it has any side effects that could be worse than mild reflux, and b.)if it helps, in which case that's great. She also suggested that since she had the gasping incidences where it seemed as though she was choking that we sleep her in her car seat. I couldve swore I read that was unsafe, so I plan to investigate more before I take her up on that. I know your doctor's advice should supercede what you read elsewhere, but I'm not sure I trust Dr. K's opinion completely. In fact, after her first visit telling me I didn't need to come back until 2 months and then having Ava's lack of weight gain go undetected until I got concerned and made an appt with the lactation consultant, and now today, I may consider switching to another doctor. Is that unreasonable?

Alright - I need to finish up A's meal and head to get the girlies. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I had similar issues with Marianne's doc after her 4 month checkup in which he told me, "Oh, 40 oz of formula a day is normal." Um. Dude, I looked it up and it's normal for...a 6 month old. She's not getting full if she's waking up after 4 hours at night wanting another bottle, dammit.

    So I tossed his orders to the wind and fed her cereal and baby food.

    And now she's up to two or three solid meals plus 37 oz of formula a day. She's one perpetually hungry kid.

    Remember...YOU are with Ava 24/7. YOU see what the doctor doesn't, YOU have the best idea of what's good for her and not. Docs nowadays are too drug-happy.

    Also, her irritation might be because of something you're eating, if she happens to be allergic to it. You might try cutting out some stuff from your diet and see if it helps.

  2. I would definitely look into switching doctors. It is not unreasonable at all. You need to be comfortable with who is looking after your babies healthcare. And you need to be able to trust what they tell you. Good luck and remember that nothing beats a mother's intuition!


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