Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy One Week Birthday, Ava!

Wow, time flies.

This has been such an amazing first week. There has been a flurry of emotions running wild, but I can say with certainty that despite the depression, this week has been overwhelmingly positive and joyful. I've seen the fulfillment of a lifelong dream after all - I am a mother, I have a daughter, the three of us are a family. Is there anything more than that?!

Ava had her first pediatrician appointment this afternoon. She has already regained and surpassed her birthweight, weighing in at a whopping 8lbs!!! Holy moly. On top of that, she's measuring 21 inches! Is it possible to grow TWO INCHES in one week?!? I know a lot about babies, and that just seems impossible to me! The pediatrician gave her a glowing review, saying that she's absolutely thriving. She also went ahead and did her follow-up heel stick, since at one week you can technically do it, and said she would be comfortable not seeing us again until Ava is one month, since the main concern at their two-week visit is that they regain their birth weight, and little A has no trouble there! Not sure how I feel about that, since it seems half the point of ped appts is for mom to ask questions, but we'll see. I can always call in if I need to know anything.

We also talked about my depression, and she said that the medication they put me on is perfectly fine for breastfed babies, and is the frontline med for PPD. She said to call anytime though if I feel I need more help. It was reassuring.

Ok, Ava's asleep, so I should hit the hay also. Happy one-week birthday, Ava! We adore you.

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