Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where Am I?

Earlier this week, I was watching Ellen (welcome to what I do while on maternity leave and nursing Ava through a growth spurt!) and she was comparing animal and human intelligence. She was saying that dolphins can find their way to each other from such and such a distance, while humans frequently ask themselves, 'Why did I walk into the kitchen again?!' And now this brings me to my "new life"....

I, for the life of me, cannot keep things straight. My to do list frequently includes such items as 'find previous to-do list' and 'shave left leg since you forgot this morning after you shaved the right'. I consider myself a very organized person, but while at both Target and Walmart (ick!) today, I muttered things like, 'Why is mommy at Walmart?' and, 'What did we need at Target (besides a latte!)?' And yes, I chat with my baby. All day long. Do I look like a nut while strolling down the street talking to the baby about the unseasonably warm weather and how no one will ever replace Bob Barker, least of which Drew Carey (again, what I do on my maternity leave...)? Yes. Am I also fostering early language development and an increased vocabulary? Heck yeah. Totally worth it.

Anyhow...wait, what was I saying again? :)

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