Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why A Mother Should Always Trust Her Instincts.

I went to HEB this morning, finally having my act together enough to fill Ava's prescription. I still don't think it's full-blown reflux, but I figured we could fill it just in case we need it, so that if she seems to be in pain, we're armed and ready to fix it. When I dropped if off at the counter, the pharmacist asked me to hold on while she looked something up. As it turns out, the pediatrician who I've seriously started to doubt and be irritated with due to her harried nature and inattention to my concerns and opinions? She wrote out a dose approriate for an adult, as opposed to an INFANT. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Thank God the pharmacist was paying attention, since Dr K clearly was not. This makes me very angry.

To add insult to injury, when looking into the whole sleeping in her carrier issue, almost everyone warns against it due to the potential for her airway being constricted. Ava's reflux, if she even has it, isn't nearly severe enough to warrant taking that risk. Even if it were severe, I would much prefer to get a wedge to place under her mattress than resort to a risky technique.
On a positive note, I've had an extremely productive day, not least of which includes having found a new pediatrician for little A! Needless to say, the three strikes you're out statute applies to pediatricians, and I need someone I can trust, both to give me good medical and parenting advice, and to not ignore my questions and concerns. After reviewing my insurances preferred providers and their respective reviews, both online and through parents I know, we'll now be taking Ava to Dr. Halden. He's of...ahem, advanced age (in his 80's!)...but has been voted one of the best pediatricians in Texas and everyone seems to love him! I even know a woman who was given his home number by his nurse for her childs after hours nurse - I can assure you Dr K wouldn't do that.

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