Friday, January 22, 2010


I am starting to suspect that Ava is experiencing reflux.
She has started to spit up frequently, sometimes directly after eating (in which case it's just like regular liquid-y baby spit up), and sometimes hours later (in which case it is thicker with what seems like teeny chunks of curdled milk). From what I have read, the latter is milk that has been sitting in her stomach and started the digestion process. Poor thing!

We have an appointment scheduled for a 4-week well check & weigh-in on Monday, but I may see if we can bump it up to tomorrow. I have noticed she is slightly fussy before and after the spit up, and have even seen her appear to be gasping for air a couple of times (talk about scaring me to death!) before spitting, so I figure the sooner we address it, the better.

Anyone else having reflux or spit-up issues?

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  1. We are having the same issues. And I completely understand about her scaring you to death with the gasping for air thing. It really makes my heart jump when she does that. I have an appt with the pediatrician for next Thursday and planned to ask him about it. Please post what you find out from yours on Monday. I'm definitely interested in hearing any suggestions or recommendations.


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