Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picture Update (FINALLY!)

Don't get too excited - my computer still has a virus :( For now, though, here are some mobile uploads to tide you all over!

(I wasn't quick enough to catch it very well, but here's the tail end of a smile!)


  1. You have a beautiful little girl!!! And I must say, the longhorn hat is adorable. :-) I hope the breastfeeding is going okay for you. I've felt your pain! One option, if it gets too unbearable.... you can pump to give your nipples a rest from the torture. I did this for several weeks and now when she latches on, it is not painful at all! My breasts have healed completely and baby and I are both MUCH happier. Good luck with everything! You are a fantastic mommy and have even helped me out with several of your recent posts! :-) Thanks!

  2. Great pictutres- she is adorable and the smiling pic is fantastic!!


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