Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ava smiles! It happened for the first time on Thursday, 1/21, while I had her on my lap and was talking\cooing at her, but knowing that's it's early yet for a social smile, I assumed that maybe she had some internal yummy turmoil that I couldn't hear. Then, the next day, she did it again in the same situation. TWICE!

D hadn't had a chance to see it, and seemed pretty skeptical when I told him about it, so yesterday morning when she woke up I put her in bed with us to snuggle, and started talking to her while I had her attention, and though brief this time, she did it! Too bad D had shut his eyes! We'll try yet again I suppose when she's done nursing, but I am 100% confident saying that Ava has smiled her first (several) of many, many smiles to come!

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