Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Much For That Idea!

I did NOT get the aforementioned 5-6 hour stretch of sleep. Damn it.

When I woke up to feed A around 3:15, D announced he had a terrible stomachache from the massive load of meat just sitting in his stomach, something I saw coming as soon as he pulled out the sandwich he had picked up from Jason's Deli for dinner (we're - and by that I mean I'm - still not cooking around here). He was still feeling bad when I wrapped up feeding her, so I stayed awake while she cooed and grunted through her sleep to make sure she actually went back to sleep, making for a long stretch of awake time. Hello, 4-something AM!

I fell back asleep though feeling only slightly resentful, knowing I would be able to sleep through to the 9-9:30ish feeding! Hallelujah! NOT. I was awoken at 6:15am, with D saying the bottle warmer was not working and heating her bottle. I was trying to explain how to a.) either use an alternate method, like submerging it in hot water, or b.)troubleshoot what was going wrong with the bottlewarmer when I realized two things: 1. I come across as quite condescending rather than helpfully informative when sleep-deprived, and 2. It would be easier at this point to just feed her myself, especially given I was already awake. Such is life.

I think ill try to give him a thorough lesson on bottles and the bottle warmer today during the day. Nobody can expect to go it alone in the middle of the night, I suppose :)

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  1. I don't know if anyone told you this yet, but breastmilk is ok at room temp for several hours, esp freshly pumped milk. Asher will drink it at room temp, so I just leave a bottle out on the counter for awhile before our night bottle. No warmer to fool with!

    Good luck!


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