Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Solo Outing!

Yesterday was my first solo outing with Ava. I took this extra week off knowing that I wouldn't want to have my first solo outing coincide with my first day of work, so I decided it was time to brave leaving her in the backseat by herself, and get back behind the wheel.

First stop - weight check with the lactation consultant. All the steps I have taken to increase my milk supply must be working, since little A is up to 8lbs, 8ozs. Score! This makes me so happy! Especially given that if she hadn't gained weight still by yesterday, I wouldve had to start supplementing with formula, which I really didn't want to do. Yay success! That makes all the pumping and supplements entirely worthwhile.

After that we met D for pizza rolls at Doubledave's, through which little miss Ava slept the entire time! She had no clue we had lunch with dad.

Then came the best decision I have made for my sanity as a mother: I picked up the Bebesounds Angelcare sound and movement monitor. This thing is amazing! While I wouldve said it was entirely over the top before Ava was born, knowing how much sleep I lose watching and waking up to check if she's breathing, I am now 100% behind this monitor. How it works is you place the movement sensor pad under the mattress and then set the handset units up just like you would a normal monitor, connecting the movement sensor to the nursery handset. The sensor is sensitive enough to detect the rise and fall of baby's chest, as well as his/her larger movements of course, and if at anytime it goes 20 seconds without sensing movement, an alarm goes off, prompting both the baby to move/breathe, and the parents to wake up to check on and possibly take revival efforts for baby. It literally saves lives. Best money I have ever spent.

Despite this new monitor, I slept like utter crap last night. Ava was on a sleep strike, and didn't fall asleep and STAY asleep until 2:45. Holy crapballs. That being said, I'm exhausted. Back to bed!


  1. Geez...I feel sort of like a bad mom...I thought *I* lost sleep worrying about Marianne. Don't get me wrong, I check on her EVERY single time I'm up at night for ANY reason.

    But at two weeks, Marianne slept in her crib, by herself (with her lovey nearby), the night-light from the baby monitor, and that's all! I literally went crazy with her sleeping in our room, cause every little noise she made, every movement, made me jump out of bed to check on her.

    I didn't sleep a wink for that two weeks...I couldn't! I suppose now it was selfish of me to suggest moving Marianne out of our room so early...but she seemed to sleep better (and longer!) in her own room... she's used to her room, and I like to think she likes her comfy, pink crib with the fuzzy quilt her Great-Auntie Julie made her...

  2. Yay for a successful outing! Isn't funny how a little thing like going out for lunch and shopping seems like such a big deal now? Asher and I went out the other day and I'm still proud! :o)


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