Thursday, October 8, 2009

28-Week Appt.

Today was an eventful morning. First off, I had my dreaded glucose tolerance test, and to be honest, it wasn't NEARLY as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I mean, I do have a massive sweet tooth, so that may have worked in my favor for the first time ever, but I really wasn't repulsed at all. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was enjoyable either, though, just FYI. It just wasn't worth all the effort and energy I expended dreading it. Now let's just cross our fingers I passed!

I also had an ultrasound this morning to make sure that I wasn't at risk of having any issues with an incompetent cervix due to the procedures I had done in 2007 & 2008, and that went great. No issues foreseen, and no need to check again. He also confirmed yet again she is a girl, mainly because I had to think of something I wanted to see so I could sneak a peek at her :) The only disappointment there is that he didn't measure her, and I wanted to know how much she weighed to really get some hard and fast evidence behind the induction I so badly want ASAP. And by ASAP, I clearly do not mean before mid-to-late December.

On an equally happy note, I leveled off at 15lbs total for my pregnancy so far, and I am DAMN. PROUD. Go me! When I asked my doc about how I was doing, he said "I'd give you a gold star! That's perfect." With twelve weeks to go (hopefully less!), if I gain the norm/goal for pregnant women (1lb/wk), I'll top out under 30lbs, which is ideal. I've been checking a lot of the boards for Aug/Sep 09 to check on those mommies' weight loss, and nearly 100% of women who gained under 30lbs lost it by their 6-week check-up. Or at least the ones that posted, which I could see how that might provide slightly skewed results :) I have the determination of a sniper, however, so I have faith that anything under 30 I can shed by my 6-week check-up. FINGERS. CROSSED. I know that someone is bound to lecture me about my preoccupation with my weight, but spare me. I'm 25. I still have a honeymoon and river-floating trips and things that require me to not be massively ashamed of my body in my future. I am FAR TOO YOUNG to 'not care about my body', although I never think women should "let themselves go". I will be a skinny mama if it kills me.

Another positive? No flu shots in the office! Yay! I get to wait two more weeks, which since I'm pretty certain I had the H1N1 flu a couple weeks back when I was sick (it's extremely widespread in Austin, and very, very mild), I'm not even remotely concerned about the delay. I wouldn't get the H1N1 shot anyhow. It would've been nice to get it over with today, but considering I have to work until 10PM and already have a nice sugar crash to deal with I'm sure, I didn't want to add insult to injury by overloading my body with two weeks is no biggie. I already had one needle stick today - that's enough, thanks.

After my appointment, we swung by the hospital and paid off Baby B's delivery and our childbirth classes, which start on 11/5. Not psyched for those, but I'm going more for D to be prepared and make himself useful rather than with the hope of learning something I don't already know about childbirth. I've witnessed more than my fair share of actual births, and took an entire class about pregnancy and fetal development (including the lovely labor and delivery process), but if D doesn't pass out while I'm in the midst of pushing, the $50 will be well worth it. Not to mention, I'm currently scoping out the area surrounding the hospital for all the things that have been forbidden during my pregnancy, including Starbucks (not that it's been forbidden, but I've cut back, and want a full-caf. latte pronto!), Jimmy John's and anything else I can send D on a mission for while I'm stuck in the hospital. I'm not a sushi fan, but I may just become one having not been allowed to eat it.

Anyhow, that's all folks! From here on out, it's appointments every two weeks, and then in eight weeks starts the weekly appointments and cervical checks. Lame. Not looking forward to that! I think that's why pregnancy lasts so damn long. By the time you get to the unpleasant stuff at appointments, you don't care what the doctor does as long as it means the baby is one step closer to hightailing it out of there. I'm already at the point where he could drag her out through my nose, unanesthetized, and I would just welcome the chance to not be pregnant anymore!

28-week belly pics to come Saturday, after the Texas vs. Colorado game :)

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  1. I lost all the weight I gained in a bit more in my postpartum 6 weeks.

    You don't want to lose it the way I did, nor do you want to lose it too fast. What happened with me was that I lost it so fast, I wound up with extra skin. I still have that flap there, and it drives me crazy cause there's no way to get rid of it.

    Better to lose the weight slowly than too fast...too fast will make you sick, nuke your milk supply, and quite possibly leave you with extra skin...


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