Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Massage & Other Pampering Goodness...

I've decided that since part of my beef with being pregnant is not feeling myself (aka not having control over my figure, etc, despite my best efforts), I am going to spend some time the next couple weeks pampering myself. I've been saving and saving up money, and despite some unforeseen bills, seem to be doing pretty great with that, so it's time to splurge a bit as the third and final trimester commences.

First in the line of pampering was my prenatal massage last night. While I found it hard to relax, spending the last half of the hour thinking, "Oh no, I have to pee!" over and over again, it felt great to just spend an hour laying around in complete peace and quiet and having someone work out the knots in my back from lugging Baby B around all day. The only complaint I have is that rather than a prenatal table with a cradle for your belly, I had to lay on my side. I would've paid at least double what I did for that massage had I been able to do nothing but lay on my stomach for an hour. Wah. Otherwise, though, great experience and well worth it. However, I'm already tense again. It doesn't take much with me. I also went and grabbed some new makeup this morning, so that'll be a welcome change tomorrow morning :)

Next up? Haircut and highlights. I know some women believe you shouldn't get highlights/color of any sort done while pregnant, but to you I say YOU ARE CRAZY. Do you know what my caramel and honey highlights will look like after growing out for NINE months?! I can't even imagine. Nothing's trashier than a woman with terrible roots. Not to mention, my doc said it's 100% a-ok, and that the only concern is that the odor will make mom feel sick, not be detrimental to baby. I can hold my breath for two damn hours if that's what it takes to fix my hair...it's been since July :( Same with a haircut, despite the ravenous growth spurt my hair has had, so despite that it should be looking full and thick and gorgeous, it looks full and thick and totally lame. It just won't do a damn thing. Hence, next Friday morning's all day hair appointment to fix both issues.

Also coming up...mani/pedi time. My nails look FAB - they've always grown well, but well isn't even close to how great they're growing now - so might as well take advantage and let someone pamper them. After ACL and being on my feet in the mud all weekend, my toes are getting in on that as well...I highly prefer a pedicure to a manicure any day anyhow!

For all of you other third-trimesters out there, take time to pamper yourself! We've only got roughly 12 weeks left!!!

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