Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning, everyone. I decided to take a quick break from blogging for a day and a half there in order to adjust my admittedly crappy attitude. Seeing as how I only have 61 days to go until Baby B gets here, I'm going to try to make the best of them.

First order of business - taking down the post-pregnancy weight loss survey I had thought would be helpful and informative, and instead read like a 'give-up-all-hope-now' diatribe on how your body will not be the same no matter what you do, and I just can't believe that. I know plenty of ambitious mommies that have gained 40+ lbs, and managed to lose them and keep them off without any problems (but with much hard work and determination).

Second, I am extremely happy to announce that today is the day my carpets are being steam cleaned. While I'm sure this indicates how rapidly this child is aging me, and how lame my social life must be right now to be this excited, steam-cleaned carpets qualifies as mommy porn to me. Steam-cleaned carpets, Dyson-vacuumed carpets, you name it. I love those little carpet lines. Yes, I am fully aware how neurotically clean I must be to consider these amongst life's little pleasures. Don't worry - I still like truffles and babies and gorgeous men as well :)

Third, we're now to a point that if Baby B was born today, she would 100% be a-ok. She's a big girl, so we're very comfortable with her ability to survive and thrive outside the womb. I'll keep her warm and toasty until the time comes, but it's nice to have all my first- and second-trimester woes assuaged by the knowledge that I DID IT! I grew a little teensy-tiny baby with the body I previously thought would be incompetent. She's gonna get here, and if I just stop thinking about it for five seconds, it could even feel like she's gonna get here soon-ish!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!

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