Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas Fight!

I am happy to report that as of yesterday morning, my week has really started to turn around a bit :) Yesterday I was off, thanks to P's H1N1 infection and their impending trip to Dallas for the weekend, and so I capitalized on the opportunity and made a hair appointment to get my highlights touched up and my hair cut after 14 (yep - FOURTEEN) long weeks without tending to my hair...that's a loooooooong time!

Anyhow, the day began nicely enough, with me sleeping in and catching up on some DVR, and just got better from there. I hit up Galaxy Cafe for lunch with my favorite boyfriends (I think people thought they were a gay couple adopting my unborn child by the looks we were getting, so we played that up a bit!), then made a pit stop at Yogurt Planet for some Cheesecake Nonfat Fro-Yo, and headed off to my hair appointment, where I was pampered and fussed over for three straight hours. While the day could've ended on a high note there, I then met up with my former roommate at Maria Maria for a little Mexican food (my fave!) and from there, we headed off to see Grease at The Long Center. What a fantastic way to start an unexpected three-day weekend!

Not only that, but I am now at 29 weeks, just one week away from the big 3-0 mark I've been looking so forward to, and Texas beat the hell outta OU!!! HOOK EM!

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