Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drumroll, please!

In 34 days, on the glorious 27th of July, we'll be finding out the sex of the baby! YAY!

Deny me a 16-week ultrasound and think I'm going to just sit back and accept it? I THINK NOT. I'll be heading at 17 weeks to a private ultrasonographer in Round Rock called Miracle in Sight (it's ok to have a good laugh - it's cheesy) for their 'gender package' ultrasound. The price? A mere $75! WELL WORTH IT. A girl needs to get her registry goin', ya hear? Plus, not knowing is really putting a damper in my shopping urges! I already have the crib, changing table, crib mattress and rocking chair..I'm running out of gender neutral products to buy here!

Anyhow, mark your calendars, and be ready for a big and obvious announcement on 7/27. My appointment is at 10:30, so I'm hoping to have it up by noon! :)

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