Monday, June 8, 2009

The last 10 weeks!

The last SIX weeks might be a more appropriate title, since six weeks ago tomorrow, I received the biggest news of my life: I'm pregnant.

Was I initially headed to my laptop to spread the good news and start this blog? Eh, more like I was initially terrified, uncertain and did I mention completely scared shitless?! But I knew in my heart to trust my heart, which told me that I should be excited, and to embrace this for the wonderful news it really is! After many a late-night conversation, trip to the doctor's office (and one to the E.R. when I had the flu!), and my rabid collecting of baby books, pamphlets and advice, both welcome and unwelcome, I have arrived here today at the ten week mark as happy and excited as I have ever been! Holy crap, folks! With a little luck and a lot of prayer in the next few weeks, I'm having a baby!

Landmarks so far:
We first heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks, 4 days, at a strong and healthy 120 bpm. I was so shocked and emotional that his or her heart was actually beating, I forgot to ask for a picture of the ultrasound, but luckily I got this one at my next visit, at 8w1d:

His or her heartbeat was 161 at the second visit. Girl? One can hope!

This was my tummy at 10w1d. It doesn't look like much, but it was significantly more fit before, I promise!

As far as the first ten weeks have gone, I have had a couple evenings where I threw up so vigorously I was certain I had food poisoning of some sort, but then instantly felt better and went about the rest of my, I assure you. Other than that, I'm nauseous from time to time, and definitely gag often, especially at the sight of red meat or anything uncooked. Even the word 'uncooked' is enough to make me retch. I've also begun sleeping constantly, clocking in at least two hour naps everyday, which if you know me, you know is my idea of heaven! I loved a good nap prior to this, but now, with an excuse, ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaah. Luckily, as a nanny to a two-year-old, I have time to nap when she does. Perfection!

As far as my due date goes, I'm due on 1/4/10, though we're already planning for a 12/30 (ish) induction because frankly, I can't meet my deductible and out-of-pocket max for this year AND next...and what's five days?! Not to mention, I'm a pretty small person (at least I am right NOW), and the women in my family tend to have big babies. Giving birth to an 8-pounder vs. a 10-pounder?! YES PLEASE.

That's all for now, folks! I have my next ultrasound at 12w1d on 6/23, and will post a few updates between now and then! Hoping to have a more significant bump in a few weeks!

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