Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NT Screening!

First things first, here are pictures of the baby:

(Baby lounging back with hand by face and other hand by head - he/she looks very comfy! Don't worry - those are knees - feet are out of view!)

(A closer shot of baby's profile. I think he/she looks like me ;)
(That's an aerial shot of the top of the baby...those five dots to the far right side are the fingers on one hand. This shot refused to come out any clearer on my camera, but you can see one foot w/ toes and the other hand slightly also!! The butterfly-wing shape looking into the head is the two lobes of the brain developing! How EXCITING!)

OK, more to come later. I'm far too busy today for my own good.

Important points:

*Nuchal measurement/nasal bone were on target for the gestational age, which means my risk of having a baby with downs (prior to the bloodwork coming back, which will come in next Weds and will give me the best overall picture) are less than .01%. SWEET.
*Baby measured 12w4d, rather than 12w2d, which gives me two of my long lost days back. That coincides with when I am 99.9% certain I conceived, so there ya go. Due date moved up to 1/2, despite the fact that baby is coming in 2009 if we can help it! Someday, when I realize how to edit my lilypie baby countdown settings it may reflect the change, but they change my due date often enough I'll probably just leave it.

My bloodwork comes in next Weds, but I'm feeling very confident after the ultrasound. Hopefully all is well in there - he/she looks comfortable enough at least!

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