Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pregnant Woman Behaving Badly!

Lately, I've been a bit emotional. I've been known to experience the occasional emotional outburst prior to this pregnancy, but nothing like of late. I have NO tolerance for frustration, per usual, but combine that with my inability to wait for ANYTHING at this point (ie when I'm hungry I need food immediately, when I have to go to the bathroom, I have to go RIGHT THEN!), and I have been on less-than-perfect behavior!

Take for example the other day during a trip to Barnes & Noble. This woman was walking in a direct path towards me, and thinking that she may collide with me at any second, I politely said, 'Excuse me.' What can I say? I'm southern, I have good manners. It was at the point, however, when she IMPOLITELY decided to disregard my warning and slam directly into my tender, pregnant body that I decided to lose my shit. 'I saaaaaid excuuuuse meee,' I chided, clearly having lost my mind. Then, to further piss me off, she proceeded to stare at me blankly. What, do people in Florida not speak English?! I thought to myself, furious. Why so furious, you wonder? I was just a tad hungry.

While I always realize after the fact that I'm being irrational, and that the level of my anger does NOT match the transgression*, I just cannot help myself at the time.

*Note: At home, this behavior tends to be justified.

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  1. Mood swings are perfectly normal hun.

    I didn't have too many first trimester, but I spent so much time sleeping I literally was awake long enough to pee, work, and eat. The second I got home I'd eat and go straight to bed, sometimes as early as 7 PM...I'd sleep on the car ride home if I wasn't driving, I'd sleep on the car ride into the office if I wasn't driving.

    Thankfully, J put up with it like a champ. Hang in there...the mood swings either get worse or better as the pregnancy progresses. Usually the second trimester is when things start to calm down, because your body gets used to being pregnant.


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