Friday, June 19, 2009

FINAL NT Screening Update!

Ok, so final verdict: NT Screening WILL be taking place, Wednesday, June 24th at 10:30AM...

Now that I've gotten my way, naturally I'm nervous as all hell, and having second thoughts. Hormones, OR just plain me?! I'll play the hormone card. I'm not above that.

Anyways, stayed tuned for major updates this week after my 12-wk ultrasound on Monday, and the Nuchal Translucency Screening on Weds!! I'm very excited for such detailed and frequent looks at baby, but nervous just the same. Here's hoping (and mainly praying!) all goes well this week!!! Hopefully, though, they'll set my due date back to 12/31!


  1. Due dates are an estimate, and the closer you get, the worst of an estimate they tend to be. I went in for my first cervical check on Friday and the doctor reported no signs yet I was getting ready for labor, which was disappointing but not unexpected.

    They did, at any rate, joke there would be no baby this weekend. I've got my next appointment next Friday, when I will be 39 weeks. Next Friday is also my last day at work...I start leave on the 29th, knowing I will either go into labor on my own or be induced on July 1, regardless of what happens.

    I asked the doc to be induced on my due date, if I don't go into labor by then. The doctor agreed, saying that if I was induced on my due date I'd be term anyway and waiting another week wouldn't make a difference. Most doctors wait till you are 41 weeks to induce, some even 42 weeks.

    As much as I hate to do that, because induction is harder on me and Marianne, my maternity leave is very unforgiving...I get very little time to spend with kiddo, and that's taking an extra week of vacation besides. If I waited till I went into labor and Marianne came late...I'd lose one or two whole weeks with her. :(

    I'm glad from the sounds of it you don't have the problem with leave. Trust me, I was practically in tears at work planning my leave and realizing how very short 6 weeks is. I'd give anything to have the money to take another month or two off...but the way our finances work, there's no way we could make it work.

  2. If I could, I would gladly wait and go into labor naturally, especially since first baby's are particular about inductions since it's basically forcing your body to do something it's never done before...I just can't swing the additional cost of the 2010 deductible/out-of-pocket max, esp. since it'll be doubling with baby on my insurance.

    I'm hoping Dr. R will agree, although I can't imagine he'll put up a fight, with my LMP putting my original due date at 12/31. It's not like a few days will make a difference. Technically, baby is at 'term' at 37 weeks. I'm going to try to work the, "Don't you want as little interruption as possible to your Christmas/New Year's holidays?!" angle if sympathy and financial reasoning alone aren't enough. Plus, D has three weeks off for free at Christmas because the University shuts down, so he could be home and *fingers crossed* helpful!

    As far as leave goes, I'll be lucky to get two weeks paid leave off, but no big deal. Chances are, baby will come back to work with me. In case that doesn't sound ridiculously stressful!


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