Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nursery Ideas SO FAR.

These are all VERY preliminary, since we can't find out the sex of the baby until at least another six weeks. Just the same, I've been so insanely excited I've been at Babies 'R Us constantly, and looking at bedding online at night, trying to find things I like. Here's what I've come up with so far:

For Boys:
I ADORE this!! I think it's so cute, and not over the top with any theme, but still looks baby-like and not like it belongs in the room of an adult/teenager/whatever.

Love this also! Even more now that I'm looking at it the colors - not too bright, not too subdued. Very cute! This is the first one (for a boy) I looked at and said, "I love it!" rather than, "I could put up with that!"

Love the fish theme, esp. since our master bed & bathroom are done in ocean-type themes as well. Fish and bubbles are always cute!

Doesn't this just scream little baby badass to you? And I think that it'll be favored by D, who, ahem, is struggling with the news of the baby, to put it nicely. I think this is adorable and unique, which is something I'm interested in.

For Girls (Note: I'm running into a constant struggle with girl bedding being WAY over the top with ruffles, frou frou, looking as though pepto-bismol through up on the display room, so there are less ideas in this area so far, despite my wanting a little girl!)

Really feeling this bedding right now! Love the color combo, the cute accompaniment of the plaid/dots of the bird, and the fact that it's feminine, but not over the top. Birds are cute, anyhow!

I, too, joined the bandwagon five or so years ago that thinks that brown and pink or brown and blue are ideal color combinations. Love it! This may be a bit mod for a baby though...but then again, something they could grow into as they morph into a toddler!

This really caught my eye as well, despite that it wasn't what I was thinking for my little one. Maybe because I grew up in a house where my mom collected elephants, and who better to pay homage to than your mother?

As always, opinions/ideas are welcome, though don't be hurt if I take it with a grain of salt. Mama gets final say. You're thinking, "Clearly she means mama AND daddy?" Ha! If you're thinking that, you obviously don't know me ;)


  1. ok you had to know that i would pick the elephants (it is really adorable) for a girl. my vote for a boy is the forest animals. do you think that has to do with where i live???

  2. I'm really leaning towards the lovebirds for a girl, but the elephants are second! We still have a long ways to go though!

  3. Oh hun, you picked a theme exactly like the one I picked! ROFL. I picked the cute jungle animals theme cause the girly-girl stuff makes me antsy.

    As it stands, I didn't wind up going with a whole huge crib set...I got a couple basic white sheets and a whole ton...a TON of various brightly-colored, handmade blankets from people. Marianne will definately wind up with a very heirloom-heavy room!

    (When I get off my perpetually-tired butt and finish setting stuff up, I'll take pictures, I swear!)


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