Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 5 Name Lists.

Top five names I really like for a GIRL:
  • Ava Elizabeth
  • Reagan Elizabeth
  • Natalia Elizabeth
  • Caroline Grace
  • Ainsley Elizabeth

Top five names I am considering for a BOY:

  • Benjamin James
  • James Benjamin
  • Noah Benjamin
  • Blaine Patrick
  • James Patrick



  1. i personally like Noah best for a boy and Reagan for a girl. have you considered Audrey, i know you're a big fan of Audrey Hepburn?

  2. I like it alright, but it's pretty common around here it seems. That's my only complaint with Ava, though it's still my favorite!

  3. I like's fairly unique, and not hippy-sounding. For boys, I go with traditional names...Benjamin or James would be my pick (if I didn't already have a boys name picked out for a future son, I hope.)


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