Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Trimester Travel?

As excited as I am to be heading to Destin, Florida tomorrow for five days, I am a bit nervous about traveling. Anyone else done any first trimester traveling? I know doctors don't tend to restrict travel until the third trimester, and I called to inform his office I would be out-of-town in case he had an objection, but I'm still nervous. Luckily, I haven't had much 'morning' sickness, so it shouldn't impact my flight, but I do get a bit airsick, which may be exacerbated by my pregnancy. I guess it remains to be seen! I'm flying Continental, so I'm not worried about a shody airline or non-pressurized cabin (do these even exist?!), but still...any tips? Concerns? Reassuring advice?

On a positive note, here are some pictures of where I'm headed:

Bring on the beach vacation! I'll be back to update and post pictures next Friday!

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  1. Take the vacation WHILE YOU CAN. Trust me. The further along you get, the harder vacations will be to bear for travel. I went to Seattle for Xmas with J when I was 13 weeks along.

    I had morning sickness + motion sickness...and thus, poor J did ALL the driving. I spent the entire trip so sick I couldn't eat (morning sickness is MUCH worse on an empty stomach) and anything I did eat came back up (motion sickness for the lose.)

    So...yeah. Be prepared for being more queasy if you are normally somewhat queasy. Eat healthy food, avoid grease, anything hard to digest and dairy like the plague (if you have issues with dairy...I do) and drink lots and lots...and lots...and LOTS of water/decaf tea/light juice. Go to the bathroom when you need to, as much as you need to. Holding it in hurts and can cause issues. Also, try to get an aisle seat so you can stand up every hour or so and stretch...otherwise your legs will cramp and swell.

    I was absolutely miserable on the trip to Seattle, but we had to drive in bad weather because we couldn't afford plane tickets...and we were in the Jetta with luggage and one fluffy, bored Corgi. I think she had the most comfortable trip of any of us, lying on her cushy doggy pillow.

    The travel cutoff for third trimester is generally anything after 35 weeks for airlines, though it may be sooner or later depending on what your doctor says. No matter when you travel, you need to notify folks you are pregnant and get a doctor's note beforehand, just in case.

    Other than that, you HAVE FUN. Have as much fun on vacation as you can...cause all too soon, you'll be sporting baby belly and it makes it harder and harder to travel as baby gets bigger.


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