Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NT Screening Update

Just when I had finally made a decision and called my doctor last week, I got a call from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM) informing me that my insurance only covers the ultrasound and not the ~$100 bloodwork that accompanies. Damn. Upon hearing that, I decided to cancel, since it wasn't 'necessary' and it was yet another expense.

I have since reconsidered. I was pretty set on doing it at the time I called my doctor about the referral, and so I was disappointed at the thought of not doing it after all. I would gladly pay to find out the sex - why shouldn't my baby's health be of the same tantamount importance to me?

I called just now to see if they still have the appointment open that they ere going to give me for next Tuesday at 11. If they do, ill take it as a sign that I should do it and schedule/pay accordingly. And if not, then ill let it be.

I'm supposed to hear back today or tomorrow, so ill know soon!

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