Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Little Pee-er!

For having a little girl, I get peed on ALL THE TIME. I mean, technically the first thing she did when they pulled her out was pee all over, and then poo. Cute!

Since then, I've been peed upon at least four times, as has D. It's her first response to any temperature change (aka changing her diaper) and when she does it, it's like a fountain. No joke!

I've managed to make changing a diaper just in time to see the swaddlers strip turn from yellow to blue (isn't that an awesome feature?!?)into an art form!

More pics to come soon - my computer currently has a virus so I've had to use my BlackBerry instead.


  1. Hehe, I guess I've been lucky, I've only been peed on once, though Joe did get peed on last night around 11 PM when kid woke up for no good reason...luckily for us, she wasn't totally awake, and she was on the waterproofed surface of the changing pad...which promptly got wiped down with bleach wipes I keep there for that purpose. :P

    Though, I have also witnessed ONCE when she managed to overflow the diaper with pee one morning...I kid you not, there was so much, the diaper cried uncle and pee went everywhere...I had to change her mattress pad, her sheets, her clothes, give her a bath, ROFL!

    Before I had a baby I never knew such mass amounts of pee/poo/other could come out of such a tiny, cute little being!

    Still, at least I'm not squeamish. I laugh, cause Joe still acts surprised sometimes when she pees on him. LOL. Poor Joe. I had to move her up a size in diapers for awhile, cause she would overflow them regularly (sleeping through the night early means she accumulated more, I guess.)

    I'd "upsize" her diapers again except I've been told if I do that it'll make it harder for her to learn to walk...

    I don't know how true it is, but she has been overflowing diapers a lot lately!

  2. Not good at all! Luckily I haven't gotten peed on, but my little girl did squirt poo on me a bit to which I tried to get my hand out of the line of fire but ended up splashing some on the wall. That is AWFUL! I had to have hubby watch her while I washed my hands.


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