Monday, January 18, 2010

What I've Learned in the Past Three Weeks.

That as much as I thought I knew about love, I knew nothing about the love you can feel for your children.

That even though I swore I wouldn't be a nervous new mother, I still stay up staring at her while she sleeps to make sure she's breathing, and say a prayer every night for God to keep her safe and breathing through the night.

In fact, many things I said I wouldn't do, I've done. She sleeps in our room, though at least not in our bed. I have yet to be anywhere without her and have no intention of leaving her side anytime soon. There are so many other things, far too many to specifically name.

I enjoy breastfeeding far more than I could have imagined. It relaxes me while nourishing her. How awesome is that. It also doesn't hurt that it's free - no complaints there!

That I could worry so much about everything going into and coming out of her tiny little body, and what those things mean for her weight gain. I never imagined I could care more about someone elses weight than my own!

Speaking of, I've learned that I will be able to regain my body. Big relief there!

That baby poo, farts and burps are FAR more adorable than their grown-up counterparts!

That baby noises are the cutest sounds on Earth!

That even though I worry nonstop about countless things, I feel more confident than ever that I already am, and will continue to be, a good mother, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

Happy three week birthday, Ava!


  1. OH the things you learn once you become a mother. I actually learned a lot more about myself the second time around and feel SO much more confident in my abilities...I wish I could have felt this way with my daughter. It still makes me sad I never felt that infant connection and gooey feelings that Connor makes me have at this age.

    Seriously there's nothing funnier than watching a baby poop. Wait until she starts sucking on those fingers and you hear it across the room from out of nowhere. It. Is. HILARIOUS.

  2. Baby-watching is FASCINATING. Baby-watching when they're old enough to express themselves is even MORE fascinating, and realizing how smart they really are throws you for a loop.

    My daughter is 6 months now, and I am still amazed when I see her learn a new skill, seemingly overnight...her latest trick is rolling EVERYWHERE and doing her best to figure out that crawling thing.

    I watch this poor child flex every muscle in her little body trying to figure out which ones help her move in the direction she wants to go. It's obvious she's giving it all she has, and she'll try a good solid 30 minutes before she loses patience and starts screaming in frustration.

  3. I will however admit to two things. If I watch an episode of something involving kids, I usually wind up spending at least part of the night up and down, and every time I am up for anything, I check on her.

    Once, my husband and I watched a particularly hard-to-watch-episode of SVU. My husband disappeared and came back downstairs with a sleepy, confused Marianne.

    He said, "The baby needed a hug..."

    It's the first time I can EVER remember my husband, a big, tattooed Marine, look sheepish.

    So we spent the next hour on the couch, cuddling. Marianne decided warm Daddy was as good as crib and fell back to sleep, haha.

    It's really amazing how being a parent changes you, and those around you.


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