Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alone, But Not Lonely.

Isn't that how it often seems to go these days?

Here I am, at Ava's great-grandpa Burns' 100th birthday bash, and where am I? Nursing in the church nursery, of course. Despite being in here without any adult company, though, I'm not lonely. I've got my little person :)

Ava's been doing some adorable things while I nurse lately. She still sleeps through 95% of her feedings, since she is such a sleepy nurser, but now while she does, she usually wraps her arm around my waist and moves her fingers around on my back. I LOVE this - so adorable. Today I also happen to be wearing a shirt with a ribbon running through it, and Ava is fiddling with it with her other hand. So sweet!

She also has gotten to where she holds on to you when you're holding her upright. Could I love this little snugglebug more?! I think not!

Hopefully Ava will finish nursing soon - we've got a nearly two hour drive back home that makes me wish that teleporting wasn't just a thing of science fiction movies!

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