Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question For C-Section Mommies.

Can't you tell today is the day I catch up on posts I've been meaning to write for some time?!

Anyhow, I have a question for my fellow section mommies, whether it took place two months ago or five years ago: Did you/have you regained feeling over your incision?

I ask because I have not. If I run my hand over my incision, particularly on the right side, my hand can feel it, but my abdomen cannot. It is the strangest thing. When I asked my doc about it at my six-week check-up, he said that it was due to them 'slicing blindly (!!!!) through nerves'. While sometimes they fuse back together perfectly, sometimes, apparently, they do not. While this poses no health risk and is the least serious and most common side effect of the surgery, it drives me insane. You would think that not having feeling would be the kind of thing that, by it's very nature, you wouldn't notice, but you'd be wrong. If I lean over something that hits my incision (reaching over the kitchen counter up to a drawer, for instance), even just when I slip my jeans on, it's noticeable.

There's still a chance the nerves will rebuild, but I'm not holding my breath at 10 weeks out :(

Anyone experiencing the same thing? Anyone not have feeling at two-three months but regain it later?

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  1. 8 months postpartum here.

    I regained some feeling in the area, above the scar...I can tell there's scar tissue there, because it doesn't feel like normal skin or muscle. Over the scar though, I don't feel anything either. During my periods sometimes I feel pain in the area, but other than that, no actual sensation to touch there.

    I wish I had better news, but I really don't know...I've been told it can take YEARS to start feeling in that area again.


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