Friday, March 5, 2010

She's Sleeping!

Ava's started to sleep way better at night, both going down easier, and sleeping for longer stretches. I've gotten a few 5 to 5.5 hour stretches in the past few days, which is great for us! I know she can go longer than that without eating (7.5 hours one night, just not all of it while asleep!), so I'm trying to make a push towards getting her to do so. Baby steps...

She also really, really enjoys sleeping in. If you attempted to get her up for the day at 7am, she's look at you with her bleary little eyes like you were nuts. She's much more of a 8:45-9:30 type of gal. We're definitely not a family of early risers, so this works great for me! Thankfully I have a schedule where this is possible most days, and since I've been getting better sleep, have even been up and showered before she's awake. That's a miracle!

Today I'm taking her and S over to Ramsey Park, a really wonderful playground in Central Austin. It'll be Ava's first park experience, which is exciting, though I'm betting she'll sleep through it! I cannot wait until she's big enough to go in the baby swings - I bet she'll love them! Being a mommy is so great :)

This weekend, as I mentioned before, is Ava's great-grandfather's 100th birthday, so we'll be heading to that tomorrow, and then back to Austin with his parents to have dinner and hang out before they head back Sunday afternoon. I'm hoping to sneak another walk around Town Lake in, especially since their hotel is right on the trail, but we'll see - the forecast is calling for rain.

What I'm most looking forward to, however, is this time next week. As of next Friday at 4:30pm, I'm off for 9 straight days while the D's go to Florida for Spring Break. Ava and I are hoping to sneak in a day trip to San Antonio to see our Texas "family", as well as some places around Austin, perhaps a mommy and baby movie at the Alamo, and hopefully some SXSW time! We also have plans to do our spring cleaning and plant spring flowers! I'm so excited!!

This is looking to be the best Spring Break ever!


  1. That sounds awesome, and a lot of fun...I dearly miss being able to go outside, cause the rare day it's nice here I' work.


    But, hopefully the weather will warm up...I am so looking forward to the day I take Marianne to the park for the first time so she can crawl on the grass!

  2. Oh I wish I had a green thumb! I can't grow anything to save my life!


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