Monday, March 8, 2010

Great-Grandpa B's 100th Birthday Bash!

We had SUCH a great time meeting the extended B clan this past Saturday! Can you believe that Ava and her great-grandpa have 100 years between them? Holy cow - how amazing that we were able to get a four generation picture:

Apparently Great-Grandpa B is famous is his town!!

It is pretty amazing he's 100 years old!

Here's some more pictures from the big event. GG asked us about a trillion times if we were married yet, when we were getting married, etc, etc. I'm still waiting on that answer myself - I just won't ask the actual question :) Ava and I both started out wearing something different, but thank you Pampers Baby Dry, we had to change both of our clothes. We actually had to run to the Richland Mall in Waco between lunch and the party to get yet another spare outfit, just in case!


  1. We use the Parent's Choice ones...and for cheap diapers, they are pretty good. We just upsize for Marianne, since she produces lots of poop! LOL. That's where all the food goes, you know.

  2. We use Huggies Soft and Dry I think. She had a couple of blow outs in the Little Snugglers, so we changed and haven't had a problem (knock on wood)! I haven't had to change my clothes for poo yet, though she did spit up down the front of a work shirt. Straight down the left boob! Ish!


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