Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Three Month Birthday, Ava!

Can you believe it's already been three months? I sure can't! Little miss is growing like a weed - now at 24.5 inches long! Holy moly! Not that I needed it, but even further proof that she was 21 inches and not 19 inches at birth! I'm going to weigh her in a bit to see what she's weighing in at, but I'm guessing nearly 13 pounds, if not more. I haven't had a chance yet because lazy bones is still in bed!!! I, however, opted to forgo extra sleep in favor of some time to myself, and am 100% satisfied with my decision. It's so nice to get up, have time to myself to pump and watch the news and do a bit of painting before her and D get up. I even had a chance to shower and wash my hair without putting A in her bouncy chair - I'm sure she appreciates that just as much as I do!

Speaking of painting, this morning I finished something I've been working on for a few days now, and that I'm very excited about having made: Ava's stepstool. Yeah, yeah, it'll be a while before she can use it, but I love having a good craft project lately, so I channeled my energy here:

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, I think? At least, it's not too bad for a first attempt :) Don't let me fool you with my recent craft-obsession. I'm not artistic whatsoever. The three-year-old I watch is a better artist than I am, and surely can draw a better person!

What else is new? Ava is sleeping consistent 6-7 hour stretches, with some 8 hours. I'll take it. I am still pretty jealous of those of you getting 9-12 hours at a time, though! One thing I definitely appreciate is her ability to sleep in, though. I think I'd rather her sleep 9-9 (or even later, like this morning) than 7-7 or so, if only because I'm all too happy to sleep past 7AM! So thank you for that, darling A!

Ava is still being exclusively breastfed, with a bottle or two thrown in each week. I'm happy to report she's never had formula, which is something I'm proud of, especially with the challenges we encountered with breastfeeding initially.

She's also laughing these days! It's the most adorable sound I've ever heard, and it's hilarious to me the shocking lengths D and I will go to in order to make her laugh. Unfortunately, her favorite thing is farting noises. If you make little farting noises with your lips or by blowing raspberries on her skin, she'll laugh. Secretly I'm OK with the toilet humor though ;)

She also grabs on to everything, and has gotten pretty proficient with her little hands!

Here are some pics of my lovely lady. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

This outfit makes her look so chunky! And the hat is a bit too big - but still cute!

This is actually my outfit from 25 years ago!

Ava & Daddy

Update: I weighed Ava when she woke up, and she weighs 11.8 lbs. I thought it was a mistake since at her 2-month visit she weighed 11.5 lbs, but after repeating it with me holding her, then D holding her, then just her, and each time it was the same. D has a ridiculous metabolism, and I suppose mine is no slouch either, but still, even with a high metabolism she needs to be gaining weight, so I think ill be calling the doc in the morning. Anyone with any insight?


  1. Happy 3 months!! I love this age! Jack laughs too and it's the greatest thing ever!! Congrats with the breastfeeding. It certainly is challenging at times but also extremely rewarding. Thanks for the offer on the coupons, but I'd rather you give them to someone who definitely needs them. I added an extra pumping session and can add one more if I absolutely have to. I'm not giving up! :)

    With regards to Ava's weight- you should have no problem going in to the doctor's office just to have her weighed. Have you noticed clothes or diapers getting snugger? Hopefully it's just a mistake! You can also rent or even buy a baby scale if needed. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Ask the doctor, but high metabolism seems to run in the family...Marianne got the high metabolism + Daddy's super-size appetite, so she's ALWAYS eating...and it never seems to go anywhere...perhaps into the diaper? :P

    Marianne is 9 months old in three days, and she weighs a grand total of 17 lbs.

    And she's 27.75 inches tall. I know for a fact Marianne was born at 19.5 inches long, so she's grown UP instead of out. She's wearing 12-18 month sizes now, and she fits the length but not the weight.

    Then again, I suppose I can attribute some of it to the fact Marianne crawls and pulls up and the whole kit and kaboodle...seeing as she's already pulling herself into a half-squat position before 9 months, I think she will likely be an early walker.

    We shall see.


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