Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Happenings & Alamo Baby Day.

While I lay in bed last night unable to sleep (what is up with exhaustion and insomnia?!?), it came to my attention that there were a couple things I had meant to blog about, but had forgotten. Such is life. Anyways, here goes:

- Saturday, for the very first time, I left Ava with D and a bottle of mommy milk, and went to get my haircut. It was both horrible and wonderful at the same time, if that makes any sense. Horrible because I missed her the entire time, wondered what she was doing, when I could get back home, etc. Wonderful because I got to sit in a chair sipping tea and reading while someone doted over me. Yep - I read. Over 100 pages. This is a first in a lonnnnnnng time. While I haven't gone racing out the door since and am in no hurry to be without her again, my hair thanks me, as does my mental health I'm sure :)

- Baby Day @ Alamo. This past weekend was amazing. I had a three-day weekend thanks to a trip the D's were taking, so D took Friday off to be with us, and we went to a movie. Uh huh - a movie at the theater. Something we hadn't done since before Ava was born! Anyhow, our local theater, the Alamo Drafthouse, is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. While you think the idea would be a no-brainer, I've never seen one anywhere else. It's a movie theater that also serves food and drinks. Not only that, but they host a plethora of badass events, including sing-alongs (I personally adore the Madonna and Justin Timberlake sing-alongs, respectively), indie film screenings, quote-alongs for popular movies, and my new favorite, Baby Day. On Baby Day, which happens to be Tuesday and Friday before 2:00 at our closest theater, you can bring your baby. Yep. Bring baby for free, car seat and all, and enjoy a movie, a pizza and a beer. We went to see Valentine's Day, which was actually pretty cute, and split a pizza, a basket of chicken strips and a couple Fireman's Four. Thank you alamo for this amazing idea!!!

I'm actually looking forward to this weekend a bunch as well, since we'll have D's parents in town, and I always like family time surprisingly enough. Saturday is D's grandpa's 100th birthday (!!!!!!!!!!), so we're heading up to Waco for the birthday bash, and then heading back with D's parents who are staying in a nearby hotel for the rest of the weekend. I'm so excited for the chance to get a four-generation picture of D's family. My own grandparents are thankfully quite young (in their early 60's!), so we'll have a picture of both of Ava's great-grandparents. How special!

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