Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Infant Sling Recall/Infant Needs for Vitamin D!!! PLEASE READ.

Here's a link to the MSNBC article - please take heed. While the recall involved only Infantino and Wendy Bellissimo slings, I feel that the basic principle cculd easily be applied to all slings due to their design, and will be refraining from using ours until A is a little older. We haven't used it much due to this very concern.

Also noteworthy today - babies who do not get enough Vitamin D are at increased risk for cancers later in life. Since breastmilk does not tend to transfer Vitamin D well, breastfed babies are more affected than formula-fed babies, but both should receive supplementation if taking in less than 200 UI per day (this is the equivalent of less than a quart of fortified formula). I highly recommend D-Vi-Sol. A's a champ with taking it since she likes the flavor. She's not a big fan of the Poly-Vi-Sol that we bought on accident once, and after smelling it, I can't blame her. Plus, she should be receiving enough of the other components due to exclusive breastfeeding. See full article here.


  1. Thanks for posting this!! I'm glad they finally recalled them. I am in love with my mei-tei so I'll be sticking to that!

  2. My pedi gave us a free sample of d d-vi-sol and Presley loved taking it. Well, we ran out the other day and all they had at Target was Poly-vi-sol. I completely wasted my money. She spit it out all over herself and started gagging. Where did you find D-vi-sol? Also, my pedi said to give it to her 2x a week. How often are you giving it to Ava?

  3. I never used a sling with Marianne...mostly cause...SHE HATED IT. OMG. Seriously, that was some angry screaming, hate. It was really quite shocking for all she was 3 months old, to hear her scream in indignation at the sight of it.

    I never gave Marianne vitamin drops...she's been on formula since two weeks old, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to supplement her with vitamins after she started solids or what.

  4. Thanks for the D-Vi-Sol recommendation! My Pedi wants me to give Asher vitamin drops, but we only ever tried Tri-Vi-Sol and he vomits them up instantly every single time...

    I'm going to buy the D-Vi-Sol today!! Wish us luck! :o)

  5. Just wanted to update and let you know that Asher took the D-Vi-Sol with no problems! He would take the Poly stuff, but then spit up it (and his whole meal) within a few minutes.

    This went down smoothly and stayed down! Yay! Thanks again for the recommendation.


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