Friday, March 12, 2010

I Heart Friday.

Lots to tell today!

First off, today has been a great day :) I got a TON done -

*First, my car hadn't been washed since before Ava was born. Actually it was significantly before, if we're being honest, so S, Ava and I ran over to Arbor Car Wash, a local place that does a great job and offers $2 off their already cheap hand wash service ($13 before the discount!) if you're a frequent customer, aka if you've been there EVER. My car is now vacuumed out, squeaky clean, sweet-smelling as the day we bought it. I LOVE that feeling! If you're a fellow Austinite, click here for coupons!

*Second, I took Ava and S to the fountains up at the Arboretum where you can feed the ducks/geese and have a picnic, so that was really nice. It's been hitting 80 for the past three days straight, so we've been taking full advantage and getting to do all sorts of fun stuff. More on that later.

*Third, I paid all the bills I had due through mid-April, with the exception of our April mortgage, which always puts me in a good mood. When I was young I liked nothing more than spending. Now, I like nothing more than remaining debt-free and SAVING!!

*Did I mention it's been 80 degrees for three days? And mid-to-low 70's prior? By all accounts, the weather's here to stay during the next week, which brings me to:

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I graduated from UT, I thought my days of observing Spring Break were long gone. I spent my last college Spring Break in NYC, living it up like the wild child I once was, half celebrating my upcoming graduation and half mourning the loss of what is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Luckily for me, when I took my job with the D's, I quickly realized I would be getting that precious, sun-filled week back! This is the second year in a row I've been off for the entire week while the D's go away to Florida, and I can think of absolutely nothing I could enjoy more than having a week to spend just me and little A. On the agenda?

*Spring cleaning (I know it's sick, but this is something I actually enjoy!)
*Long walks/runs on Town Lake & Lake Pflugerville in the gorgeous sunshine
*Ava's three-month pictures (a couple weeks early, but I'm a busy working mom most weeks!)
*Planting spring flowers in the front flower beds and pulling weeds (not looking forward to that second part, but it'll look so much better!)
*A trip to SA to introduce Ava to our "family"
*Zilker Park Kite Festival this Sunday
*SXSW!!!! (As much of it as I can with a baby strapped to me!)
*Visiting daddy at the office!
*Laying around the house, cooing and staring at each other and just generally enjoying being a mommy!

I cannot wait! It's such a nice feeling to not have anywhere to be until the 22nd! Believe it or not, there are actually even MORE reasons why I'm in such a good mood. First off, I stumbled into Babies R Us earlier realizing I needed to nurse and hadn't planned very well around that, and so in we went to the Mother's Lounge. Clearly their design team is genius, since as I walked to the back of the store to the lounge, I passed by many, many, MANY great sales, and ended up picking A up a few cutie patooty outfits! Two are 3-6 months, and boy they look huge! I can't believe she'll be wearing them soon!

What's that you say? I have a spoiled little bebe? I know, but how can you not spoil this:

In case that surprise sale wasn't good enough, I came home to two packages:

Ava's Easter basket:

(any clue how to get the wrinkles out?!?)


HER BOOK!!!! Yay!

(Sorry, Ashlie - I stole your catchphrase for my subtitle. Hope you don't mind!!!)

I think I'm still a bit high from the endorphins of taking two separate three-mile walks yesterday - one around Town Lake, and the other around Lake Pflugerville with one of my mommy blogger friends! So exciting :)

Hope everyone else's Friday has gone as fantastically :)!!


  1. Love the bunny ears! We got some for Easter too!

  2. Love the book AND the baby pics! Very, very nice!


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