Friday, March 26, 2010


Ava's doing much better today - thanks for the kind words, everyone! I talked to the doc this morning and he said that as long as she is behaving normally and her soft spot isn't bulging - which it's not - she's fine. He was very sweet, though, and gave me his home number to call next time something like this happens so I'm not up worrying all night. I love our pediatrician!

D's gotten over it as well, thankfully. I know that I reacted the exact way I shouldn't have - as if he was unfit and like I cared about her more than the way I was making him feel. To be honest, with my baby hysterically crying for the first time in her life, I did care more about how she felt than how he did. I think I wouldve been less furious had it not been the remote. Nothing says 'I'm paying attention to the TV as opposed to my sweet, cuddly little daughter' quite like that. Oh well - all's well that ends well!

On a side note, Ava slept 8.5 hours last night! Unfortunately mommy hardly slept a wink, thanks to the hourly alarm I set so that I could check on her and her poor little head. He drops the remote on her soft spot, and I wake up every hour to check on her while he sleeps soundly - how does that make sense? Ok, seriously done venting this time!

The post I had originally been meaning to write yesterday was on the topic of motherhood. More specifically, it was about how very much I enjoy it. Despite the sleepless nights, the ability to relate to dairy cows, the still-obvious linea negra on my belly - I LOVE being a mommy. I love everything about it. I love shopping for toys that she'll soon be starting to play with. I love her little baby voice and the plethora of sounds that come out of it. I love imagining what she'll be like as she gets older, what her first word will be, what subjects she'll excel in. I just love it. I have never felt more fulfilled and important than I do now.

Being a nanny, I frequently encounter parents that don't enjoy their role as parents. They don't take the time out to play with their children, and don't enjoy what amazing little playmates and learners we're gifted with when we become parents. I'm writing this now so that when I'm feeling overwhelmed, or harassed, or just plain tired, I can look back on this and remind myself just how lucky I really am to have a child, and how despite some of the challenges that are unique to parenthood, the overwhelming majority of the time is absolute perfection :)

Enough rambling - A's awake and wants to read her new books, and in a mere few hours, the weekend awaits us!


  1. I love being a Mommy too! Great post to start the weekend. :o)

    The CD came from - they have 4200 names available, so I'm sure Ava is on the list!

  2. I feel the exact same way about being a mom. It's more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. I hate being away from him all day, but the weekends are that much more fun! I worked at a daycare for 3 years and I know exactly what you mean by parents not realizing how awesome their kids are. It's really sad but at least we know better! :)


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