Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleep Talking.

Not much going on here. Oh, except this hot air balloon made a random crash-landing behind our house Thursday morning. What the heck???

We heard our dog barking and when D got up to check it out and told me he was barking at a hot air balloon landing in the field, I thought he was delirious. He does have a tendency to talk in his sleep, after all. When I got out of bed to find the above sight, though, I believed him. Kind of. Anyways, our dog went totally ape! He clearly has a fear of extraterrestrial life, because he just cowered in our backyard staring out at the place where the balloon had been well after it was already gone. It made for a good laugh.

What else is new? Nothing. Seriously, nothing. D's been at SXSW the past three days, and while we had initially planned to switch off days, I'm just not that into it. That's definitely not to say that I'm enjoying being home all day by myself. Ava's adorable, but she's not the best conversationalist once you get past the oohs and aahs.

Ooh...that reminds me. There is one thing that's new. One thing I HATE. She's rolling again. Despite never again rolling from her tummy to back after that one freak incident at seven weeks, she's decided now that she wants to roll the other way. Several times a day. Yep - that's right. Homegirl rolled from her back to her tummy. It started yesterday morning, while she was in bed with us playing. I assumed it was due to the balance of body weight in our bed, and dismissed it. Now, however, she's done it twice more, once on the floor and once again in our bed. Son of a! I was not prepared for this for another several weeks, if not months. How am I ever going to sleep at night again? I'm currently coaching her on rolling the other way again, since at least that is protective.

Alright, I leave you with this cute image:

Believe it or not, that's a newborn outfit! I was shocked it fit still, although she's mainly just long and skinny, and they're capris, so that's why :)

Have a great Saturday everyone! And if you haven't checked out her three-month pics yet, click here. Can you tell I'm super thrilled with them?


  1. As scary as it is that Ava is now on the move, it's also really exciting! Jack has come so close to rolling over. He leans to one side and almost does it but hasn't gotten it yet. I know it'll be hard for me and I won't be able to leave him on my bed anymore, but I'm also looking forward to it!

  2. Hun - when she's able to roll over, let her. It's not as scary as people make it sound...when Marianne started rolling over it was great, because then if she wound up on her back or tummy in the morning I know she got there herself. Marianne rolled over early too. I've heard more horror stories about those bumpers that are supposed to keep the baby on their back then the kid rolling around in their sleep.

    Count your blessings she isn't pulling up yet. Marianne's discovered that getting up onto her knees in a kneeling position means she can reach...the mobile, and the edge of the crib.

    Dammit. It means that as soon as she figures out pulling up all the way, she'll be escaping her crib. :P

  3. Ava's obviously very advanced to be rolling over so early! G didn't roll over at all until about 5 months old, maybe even 6!

    And you will learn (very quickly) that baby clothes sizes are all relative. G is 18 months old, and can still wear 6-9 month onesies paired with her 2T pants!!!

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