Friday, March 5, 2010

Ava's Baby Book.

I am notorious for keeping really detailed and crafty scrapbooks. I started them my first semester of college, and now have close to 15 books all filed away with pictures, keepsakes, plane tickets, foreign travel, and, most recently, pregnancy! In this same vein, I wanted to make keepsakes for Ava, especially while she's little and growing so quickly, and so I turned to Blurb for a little help (Thanks, Jen, for sharing this idea on your blog!)!

I spent several hours yesterday morning and afternoon working on a keepsake book for Ava, made entirely from this blog! I started at my first post, and went through to the announcement that she was here, with the last page containing her newborn pictures. It was so easy to use and format, and though it took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, I'm so glad I personalized it and added picture captions, etc. It was WELL worth my time. The book is over 200 pages, containing most of my relevant entries (I omitted some whose gist was, "Get this G-D baby out of me!!!", as well as the very few that had nothing to do with Ava or pregnancy...), 266 full color photos, all her sonogram pictures, and more! AND...are you ready for this? It only cost $70!!!!! That's far less than it would've cost me to print that many photos and buy the materials to make a far lower-quality scrapbook by hand. Not to mention it would've taken several weeks, not hours! I cannot wait to get it in the mail!


  1. I'm so glad you saw my blog about that! is a fantastic resource and I love the finished product. This was the second time I've used them. Congrats and I hope you love your book as much as I do mine! :-) It's a really great keepsake for your daughter when she grows up.

  2. Wow...I may have to do that with my OWN LJ, which is where all my "Marianne" posts are tagged...thanks for the IDEA!


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