Sunday, December 27, 2009

At The Hospital.

Yep, I'm blogging on my phone because I'm that technilogically advanced (aka bored stiff already).

So, we're here. Since I know that several others are scheduled for inductions, ill give you a little play-by-play, since knowing what to expect is half the battle, right?

Check-in was surprisingly easy. I walked in with my laughable amount of bags (my bag, baby's bag, D's backpack, two pillows and my boppy), signed a paper authorizing care, and bam! I was admitted to Room 3 :)
Once inside, I changed into a hip little booty-bearing number (clearly I'm joking about the 'hip' part), and answered a series of questions about my allergies, prenatal history, breastfeeding preferences, etc. Pretty simple.

Next step: IV. Warning ladies: that thing HURT. I've had several IV's in the past - two others in 09 alone - but this was a large needle, and I'm still feeling it. No biggie, though. Definitely not worth losing sleep over, so fret not.

Now, I'm just waiting on my fluids to finish, and for Dr. R to get here to insert the cervidil. I see a lot of waiting in my future!

Ill update after it's inserted.

The good news is I'm having contractions! Not sure yet if they're causing any progress, though.

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