Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve Day!

That's a mouthful, isn't it? Maybe Merry early Christmas Eve works better?! I digress. Either way, here's hoping that everyone has a wonderful holiday!

I'm in a fantastic mood. Could it be that today is officially the first day I don't have to go to work? Perhaps. Or maybe it's that I slept seven hours, only waking up very, very briefly on two occasions to make the necessary bathroom runs? Either way, I feel great! I knew that as soon as the pressure to sleep was off and I didn't have an alarm clock to answer to, I'd stop having insomnia, and as irritating as it was at the time, it's good to be right. I do worry, though, about what that means for Sunday night, since by all accounts it'll be my last night of sleep before the baby is here/I'm in active labor! Yikes!

Also, I seemed to underestimate this cervidil substance. I was under the impression that I'd be checking into the hospital, getting it inserted, and then D and I could play blackjack/war/scrabble/insert dorky game we love here, and watch movies like The Hangover all night long, all the while enjoying 'room service' and sleeping like babies until pitocin started the next day. Guess again! Apparently it can occasionally be all that's needed to start labor, and causes both pain when inserted, and cramps/contractions if it works really well, so this wonderful dream of mine where the hospital Sunday is like a relaxing spa vacation...down the drain. I mean, technically it could happen that way, but technically I could be in a lot of pain and go into actual labor without the pitocin, in which case I may throw the board games and DVD's at D instead. We shall see. Plus, I really want it to work well, and avoid mass doses of pitocin, so technically I'm supposed to be praying for the latter...

Yesterday I had quite the scare when the doctor's office called. I was just about to dry my hair when I noticed Dr. R's name/number on the screen of my blackberry, and to be honest, I just about started to cry. I was CERTAIN they were going to cancel. Nope. Thank God. They just wanted to confirm. Wheewwwwwwww. Then, at the mall Christmas shopping (for each other, I might add...aren't we romantic?!), they called again. They just wanted to confirm that they sent my prenatal vitamin prescription through. Point of the story? I guess this is really happening, since their office is now officially closed until Monday morning, and they can't sit around pondering whether or not they're actually going to go through with this. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I'm SO freaking excited!

Now off to pull out frozen loaves of banana bread for tomorrow's Christmas breakfast, and wrap D's presents while he's sleeping (despite him knowing what they are). I'm very, very excited to spend Christmas just the two of us this year. I really like being in my own home generally, but moreso during the holidays, and especially at 39 weeks pregnant. We don't have any big plans - just the standard open presents, eat chocolate chip banana bread with cream cheese on top (Baby B loves this stuff!), and maybe see Sherlock Holmes - but I think low-key is a good idea, especially since low-key is about to become obsolete in my vocabulary.

Merry Christmas Eve Day everyone!!!!!

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