Sunday, December 27, 2009


The cervidil was mildly uncomfortable, but moreso was the exam beforehand. Good God, was the man checking to see if my tonsils were in place?! Woman doctors are worthwhile if only for their small hands!

The insert was quick, though, and really no more uncomfortable than my less painful cervical exams. It is making me cramp like crazy, though, so this may be the last update for a while. I am really, really uncomfortable, especially in my back.

The doc was surprised by the frequency and intensity of my contractions, especially since I'm still stuck at a 1. Super lame. He said we'll do this insert, remove it at 5:30, and then start pitocin at 6:30am.

Ok, I'm signing off, because this is really starting to move from uncomfortable to painful. Perhaps the next post will have baby pics?

On a side note, a name announcement may be delayed. We still have it down to three, but I'm really torn.

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  1. are so exciting! Hope everything goes well for you and that you will be as comfortable as possible. Can't wait to see pics! I have 5 more weeks and I think it will feel like forever!


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