Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I cannot sleep. Mainly, I'm itching from head to toe, an affliction that I was trying to communicate with my doctor at the hospital on Sunday, but ended up just sounding like a jumbled mess of misinformation. The itching alone wouldn't be that bad, but as soon as it started, I started to think how it's probably not the best sign from what I've read, and how I hate that I feel my doctor's office doesn't take my seriously. If I were a massive hypochondriac, or was unjustly running to the doctor's office or ER every five seconds thinking I was in labor or something along those lines, their nonchalance would make more sense, but I really feel like my doctor doesn't take things all that seriously, and it's starting to drive my crazy. Well, that, or the fact that I've been awake for nearly three straight hours at this point.

I don't know how to deal with this. I'm very concerned that at my 37-week appointment in...five hours...he's not going to bother following up with the gallbladder ultrasound he suggested Sunday, and that he'll dismiss my further concerns about the possibility of another attack. I hate to sound like a major wimp, but NO WAY can I experience that ever, ever again. Give me natural childbirth, but DO NOT let me have another gallstone attack PLEASE GOD. Everytime my stomach so much as rumbles I whimper in fear that the pain is going to return, and I think I'm justified in wanting him to take proactive steps to prevent this, am I not?!

What's really pathetic is for all I know I'm going to go in tomorrow and he'll 100% take me seriously and I would've been up all night stressed out and worried for no reason, but I just don't see it happening that way. I love that he's laidback, since I'm fairly laidback when it comes to medical stuff, but it's definitely gotten to a point where it's more of a problem than anything else. He gave me no instructions about changing my diet, even playing down that it may help when I asked him about it in my drug-induced haze, and while I don't like a doc that breathes unwarranted advice down my neck, a little medical guidance to prevent a recurrence of severe abdominal pain would be welcome. I also thought that knowing this was going on would be great motivation to confirm my induction and potentially move it up, but he's just in no hurry, which bugs the CRAP out of me for obvious reasons. Ugh. Ok, rant over. Off to *try* to sleep :(


  1. Be demanding if you have to. He works for you, not you for him.

    I've had a lot of itching, too. I started using some hydrocortisone cream and it took effect after using it a few days. Good luck getting rid of it--the itching was crazy-making for me.

  2. Oh no! What a horrible weekend. I'll be thinking about you and praying for a quick recovery from all of these gallbladder issues so you can just focus on the baby!

  3. The itching is only a problem if you start to notice swelling...for instance, your T-shirts suddenly don't fit around your neck, your feet swell to the point you can't get even sandals on, or if people comment your face is puffy...those are signs of pre-e, and that was the reason I wound up with an induction and a c-section.

    So, keep an eye out but try not to panic yourself...worrying about the pain is worse than the pain itself, most of the time.

  4. The pain issue I am sadly very familiar with, since I've had both untreated appendicitis AND pancreatitis...you think the gallstone stuff is bad, try being in that state for a week BEFORE they figure out what it is.

    THAT's torture, lemme tell you. I'll take 4 hours of hallucination-inducing labor pains from a hyper-stimulated uterus over a week solid of excruciating pain any day.


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